The TACT requires no advanced  face-to-face training. When a student with concussion or COVID-19 returns to the classroom, the teacher can be directed to complete the TACT survey (takes no more than 5 minutes) and 4 weeks of concussion or COVID-19 academic supports will be delivered to the teacher’s inbox!

Try the TACT for “Real-Time” Training!

Cover your individual student Return to Learn post-Concussion/post-COVID  liability by training each teacher in “real-time” using the TACT.

Schools that want to be proactive and train an ENTIRE staff in 20 minutes can purchase the 15 minute video on Return to Learn post-COVID/Concussion
5 minutes of “on-the-spot” TACT will get an entire school staff trained in 20 minutes TOTAL!

Cover your School-wide Return to Learn post-COVID/post-Concussion liability by training your entire staff using the Teacher Training video + TACT

Get Your Teacher Training Video Now!
Return to Learn Post-COVID Master Class coming soon!
COVID-19 has made face-to-face trainings difficult for the time being.

GetSchooledOnCOVID and GetSchooledOnConcussions Trainers will be happy to discuss with your school and plan for face-to face trainings when COVID restrictions for travel ease in the new year